In this, the second to last episode of season 1, I talk about hypocritical trolls in Facebook Beer groups. Then I travel back to Medina, OH and sit down with my friends from Wrecking Crew Brew Works. Ryan, Bob, and I have an exorbitant amount of fun discussing their beers, reading Untappd reviews about their beers, talking about hard seltzers and Non-Alcoholic beer, and  plans regarding the future of WCBW. We also play a game in which we find out if Ryan and Bob can tell their beers apart from others that are the same style. The results may surprise you. Don't forget to email me your top 5 beers for the Beer in Review episode by 12/18. Make sure to visit Wrecking Crew Brew Works at and follow them on Instagram and Facebook at @wreckingcrewbrewworks. You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook at @thebrewerofseville and head over to my website at and join the Pint Club for an opportunity to win a 12 pack of Ohio brewed beers.