In this episode Bird and I discuss why people are so hell bent on being know it all craft beer aficionados on Facebook. We talk about the damage that can be done to small independent breweries when people attempt to eviscerate them on social media. In the news we discuss new taxation laws, The Summit and Medina county brew paths, as well as the growth being seen once again in the craft beer market. In the interview I am joined by the team from Hoodletown Brewing in Dover, Ohio. In the interview we learn that Hoodletown was an idea formed by the owners to bring together the community at a local establishment that provided craft beer and eventually food service. Eric Kinsey and Mike Poland, the owners, discuss how they developed a love for home brewing that quickly led to them seeking to open up a brewery. After bringing in 12 year homebrewer Mike Swartzwelder to be their head brewer, and almost two years of renovation, Hoodletown Brewing opened on September 1, 2018 and has been going strong, even through the pandemic. Make sure to follow Hoodletown Brewing on Facebook and Instagram @hoodletown as well as visiting them on the web at Check out our newest sponsor Flyby and their amazing hangover cure Recovery at Make sure you check out our Pint Club which gives you the opportunity to win free Ohio craft beer shipped out by Rivalry now ships to 41 states, which means the Pint Club now has a farther reach. You can join the pint club by visiting If you could also leave a rating or review wherever you listen to the podcast that would be greatly appreciated. You can visit my website to listen to old episodes as well as checking out the Brewer of Seville swag store at Make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram at @thebrewerofseville.