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This week Bob and I catch up after a few weeks apart, and then we talk about some news stories that occurred while I was on vacation. These stories include: 

The sale of Stone Brewing to Sapporo. 

The release of Pliny the Younger generates $6.1 million economic impact. 

New Jersey’s new brewery laws that completely decimate breweries in the Garbage State.

During the interview segment of the show, I sit down with Jared, Greg, and Jason from Birdfish Brewing in Columbiana Ohio. Birdfish is nestled in a small community about 80 miles east of Cleveland. The brewery began in 2015 in smaller location up the street from their current location. Eventually they opened a second larger production facility just down the street in an old car dealership. The pandemic forced them to eliminate their original location, but they continued to thrive in their new digs. The brewery is outfitted with a killer bar, fantastic wood, and brick décor, along with a crap ton of pinball machines and other games. They offer food trucks 7 days a week, and there is never a shortage of great beer. We sampled an Italian Pilsner, Dandelion Hefeweizen, a Chocolate Hazelnut Stout, a NEIPA, and a Triple NEIPA. If you have never been out to Columbiana County, you should certainly make your way there for some delicious beer from Birdfish. 

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